Our Staff

We have a team of caring and experienced staff who are able to give the children in our care the best possible education.

Our staff teams across the four schools are led by a team of inspirational leaders who bring a mix of skills, approaches and styles to the Federation.

Our Federation Leadership Team


Emma Hickling

Executive Headteacher  – ASPIRE Federation

I am the Executive Headteacher of the ASPIRE Federation.

I have been a Headteacher now for 15 years and have been associated with Kingswood for 18years!

I aim to provide the highest quality of education for the pupils of the Federation and am passionate about inclusivity.

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Lynsey Sanchez Daviu

Head of School
Kingswood Primary School

I have been the Head of School at Kingswood Primary School since Easter 2019.

I have always been passionate about teaching especially with a focus of mental health and wellbeing; which I am now so pleased is part of the curriculum. My aim is to ensure that every child is included.

My spare moments are either spent with family and friends, or in the kitchen baking up a storm; I’m certainly no Mary Berry, but it brings a smile to my face.

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Fiona Steer

Head of School
Leeds and Broomfield CE Primary School

Since I was little I always wanted to be a teacher. My passion in education sits with the early years and I take that practice with me into all aspects of my new role of Head of school. I get to know the pupils for who they are, ensuring and developing a positive image of themselves. Outside of school I am an active person and bring this active style into the classroom with me. Education is ever changing and I enjoy overcoming the new challenges that I am faced with every day.

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Darren Waters

Head of School

Platts Heath Primary School

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Emma Masters

Head of School
Ulcombe CE Primary School

I have been the Head of School for Ulcombe since Easter 2019.

I hold responsibility of Maths subject leader for the Federation. I have been part of the Federation for 5 years.

Previously, I have been a Key Stage 2 teacher for a number of years. I aim to be a leader for learning by providing high quality inclusive education for all.

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Federation-wide staff

  • Emma LeMar, Senco
  • Naomi Coleman, Senco
  • Cathy Meredith, PPA cover teacher
  • Wendy Foad, PPA cover teacher
  • Liz Goodfellow, PPA cover teacher
  • Claire Liddicoat, PE and Active Lead

Our schools have a number of staff based within the individual schools.

You can find out details on the websites of the individual schools:

In line with DfE financial transparency requirements, we can confirm that there are no staff within the Aspire Federation earning more than £100,000.